Our Commitment

We are committed to meet each family’s needs so that while you leave your most precious gift in life [your child] with us, he/she will be in loving, caring arms. We don’t want you to use our services because you have nowhere else to go because of your childcare needs for weekends, night shifts, or any other odd hours or requests that no other can provide.

Our Duty

Our duty is to ensure that you choose our 24 Hour Childcare Services because we strive to be the “Best” and provide a service that you know will provide the loving care for your family when you are not there days, nights and weekends.



We will do our absolute best to accommodate all types of requests and schedules, and you can be confident that your child will have a great time. If your child has special needs, please don’t worry, but talk it over with us. We look forward to giving you and your child the best!


A Place For Children

Children will be given a positive place where they can interact with other children while feeling safe and secure in their surroundings. Here they will be allowed the latitude to discover and explore their surroundings.


Open Daily 24 Hours
Open 7 Days

Infants 6+weeks to 12 Years old