What We Do

  • Instill and extend language and vocabulary
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Foster critical thinking
  • Encourage positive social interactions
  • Nurture creativity and curiosity

    Welcome to A Place For Children

    From infancy to preschool to School age children, at A Place For Children your child will engage in exciting learning activities specifically designed to meet his/her developmental needs to help his/her advance to the next level.

    We Offer:
    – Childcare
    – Classroom Curriculum
    – Nutritious Meals and Snacks
    – NCI
    – Field Trips
    – Seasonal Celebrations
    – Before and After Care
    – School Transportation


    Higher Learning

    Each child deserves quality childcare and education. We encourage children’s creativity and construct age appropriate Curriculum and Development with cultural awareness that creates wonderful learners. The children of today are the men and women of tomorrow. With our program, our teacher’s job involves more than just watching kids every day. With our program we are responsible for their health, development, nutrition and education. Our Commitment: Our Loving Qualified Staff is to go beyond your expectations


    Open Daily 24 Hours
    Open 7 Days

    Infants 6+weeks to 12 Years old

    NCI Accepted