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Infants and Toddlers Classes in Southwest Houston


Whether your child is six weeks or six months old, we’ll support his development and take care of his daily needs the same way you do. We’ll constantly communicate with you about all of the important parts of his day such as diapering, feeding and sleeping, not to mention letting you know about the exciting new learning he experiences every day.


Combining all this with abiding by state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios yields the kind of infant child-care environment where children learn best and flourish.


Our learning centers abide by state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios, and include materials and manipulatives that encourage active exploration and hands-on learning activities to help your child gain independence while promoting confidence in her learning abilities.


Toddlers: 12mths +

Your child’s first years of life are a critical time that can determine success in school, relationships and life. As your child begins asserting her independence, it can be exciting and rewarding to watch.


Two-year-olds are filled with energy and curiosity about the world and are developing a sense of increasing independence. A Place for Children Two-Year-Old Curriculum is designed to support and reinforce the independence your 2-year-old exhibits by providing fun and challenging activities that promote all aspects of his development, including: self-help, language, cognitive and physical. Each classroom adheres to state-mandated teacher-to-child ratios and is designed with children in mind.

Toddler II
Activities are designed to teach language and communication, cognitive skills, creativity, gross and fine motor skills, and personal and social skills.


Early Preschool Program

Our Early Preschool teachers can customize the Journey Curriculum’s 26 themed units, such as Nursery Rhymes and My Five Senses, and 1,000 different learning activities to meet the diverse interests and needs of each group of children.

At A Place for Children, learning becomes meaningful to Preschoolers when engaging experiences are based on their interests and prior knowledge.


Our Preschool Journey Curriculum combines Kindergarten readiness activities with the best early childhood standards from across the nation.


A Preschool classroom features seven learning centers equipped with inviting and developmentally appropriate materials.


We also structure the day to offer plenty of outdoor activity time, providing an opportunity for your child to learn while exercising her body as well as her mind.


Our programs offer children ages 5-12 a safe, caring and secure environment that can meet your busy schedule.

Before and After School
Summer Camp
Holiday Camp

The early elementary school years present children with educational and social challenges; challenges that can be easily faced with self-confidence and skill.

At A Place for Children our school age curriculum offers enrichment programs for before and after school, summer camp, and holiday camp. We feature an environment that combines freedom and structure with the right mix to inspire the child while assuring your child’s safety, which is important to you as a parent.

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